Academics for ‘Vision’: Structuring education is a step towards realizing the future vision of the UAE

The scholars confirmed to the “Vision” that the decision to restructure the new main structure of the education system in the UAE comes as a translation of the rational policy that leads the UAE and is based on a vision of systematic and wise development, which will encourage the transformation of educational service providers and … Read more

“Women’s Issues” sends a proposal for fairer family law to the Presidency of the Republic

Ibrahim Magdi The Foundation for Egyptian Women’s Issues sent the draft law proposed by the Foundation for Personal Status “A fairer family law” to the Presidency of the Republic, the Prime Minister, the Speaker of Parliament and the President of the National Council of Women. The Foundation emphasized its welcome to President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s … Read more

The Gulf Cooperation Council and US ally’s security relationship dilemma

Gulf-United States relations have been rocky and fluctuating over the past three decades since the United States of America led an international coalition to liberate the state of Kuwait, end the occupation of the Iraq and established a new global and regional Gulf-Middle East order, coinciding with the fall of the Soviet Union and with … Read more

Russia and the West.. Preserving relations or developing defences?

The United States of America plays a high diplomatic and political role in supporting the membership of Finland and Sweden in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization “NATO”, in intensive efforts to ensure that the alliance extends to Russia’s borders and imposes a counter-geographical equation to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s equation, which began in 2014 with … Read more

How can I make myself happy?

How can I make myself happy?Happiness means obtaining satisfaction, feeling joy and feeling that life has meaning despite the presence of problems, and therefore happiness does not depend on the presence of comfort, because no one enjoys their life all the time, but some feel more satisfied with their life compared to others, and can … Read more

The Egyptian community in Italy: “Bassam Rady” is a high-flying diplomatic figure

The selection of Ambassador Bassam Rady, official spokesperson for the Presidency of the Republic, as Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to Italy was warmly applauded and welcomed by all members of the Egyptian community in Italy, whether either in Italy or in Egypt, and due to his great diplomatic origins, he is embodied … Read more

Jordan and Israel in two workshops: Towards a reconsideration of the founding postulates of the relationship

“I’m going to sleep with my eyelids full today,” one of my friends told me happily, thanking the election. Why? He said he heard Sayyed Nasrallah’s most beautiful speech: calm and joyful and without lifting a finger!! Thank God I didn’t hear it, otherwise I would have enlisted with the Wali al-Faqih. It makes you … Read more