“Othello” offered the Arabs one of the first Palmes d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival

As long as global film culture these days lives in the shadow of the French Cannes Festival’s restoration of its brilliance and natural course after two chaotic years, it would seem desirable to return to this same occasion at a “time luminous Arabic” in which Bayrak from an Arab country was able to dominate the … Read more

EU aid to Syrians is spent by civil society, not governments

The Brussels conference on the issue of displaced Syrians, entitled “Supporting the future of Syria and the region”, which was held on May 9 and 10, ended with the allocation of approximately 6, $4 billion in aid for displaced people in countries neighboring Syria, where they have spread, including Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. This amount, … Read more

The story of an ancient house in Egypt that went from selling meat to a cultural center

Old houses with unique architecture adorn the historic district of Cairo and fill it with its ancient streets, carrying stories of people who inhabited them for centuries, and characteristics of cultural and civilizational heritage of previous eras, but the factors of time and the hand of negligence has inflicted severe damage on some of them. … Read more

Puccini depicts in “Madame Butterfly” the impossibility of an emotional encounter between two worlds

When the Italian composer Giacomo Puccini presented his grand opera “Madame Butterfly” in its first performances at the “Scala Milano”, at the beginning of 1904, he was forty-six years old and found himself halfway between his first great works and the masterpieces of the last years of his life… His music had become To a … Read more

Morocco is seriously considering abolishing underage marriage

The controversy around the marriage of minors in Morocco is renewed each time a demand for human rights arises or a political party proposes a law demanding the prohibition or abolition of this type of marriage from the Code of family (Family Law), which happened recently following the presentation of the National Rally of Independents … Read more

Lawrence Olivier, the English Shakespearean who conquered American cinema

When we talk about the most Shakespearian filmmakers in the world these days, the first thing that comes to mind is the English filmmaker Kenneth Branagh, who, after several remarkable and diverse Shakespearian film quotes carrying a lot of innovation, has recently began to approach fellow countrywoman Agatha Christie, creating a revival by citing some … Read more

Kurdistan’s crimes shed painful light on culture of ‘killing women’

A security guard’s murder of his wife and four family members in the Kurdistan region has sparked angry reactions, amid calls to reduce cases from powerful officials providing protection for those wanted by the judiciary , while the government has undertaken to deal with the case of female killers in accordance with the procedures in … Read more

Trying to ban associations controlling public money disrupts Moroccan civil society

The Moroccan Association for the Protection of Public Funds organized a protest sit-in in Rabat on Saturday May 7 (May), to denounce the direction of the Minister of Justice, Abdellatif Wahbi, who seeks to prevent defense associations of human rights to work in the field of protection of public money from filing complaints with the … Read more

Muhammad Abla: The arts are the powerhouse of nations, and public celebration is a ‘true honour’

A rich artistic experience presented by the Egyptian visual artist, Mohamed Abla, who relied on the combination of various types of arts, such as painting, sculpture and photography, in addition to his public role in society and his distinguished initiatives, which have made him a clear imprint in the contemporary Egyptian plastic movement, and an … Read more

A match between Iraqi parents to win the skill of shooting their sons

This is not a circus show or an optical illusion program, this is real video of a real incident in which an Iraqi father from Al-Muthanna governorate risks his son’s life and makes him a person to shoot live ammunition in order to prove the shooting accuracy of which he is proud.The video begins with … Read more