How does love change your brain?

For many years, neuroscientist Stephanie Ortig thought the answer was yes to the question: Can we live without love? Although she researched the science of human relationships, Ortig was unable to fully realize its importance in her life. In her new book, Wired for Love: A Neuroscientist’s Journey Through Romance, Loss, and the Essence of … Read more

‘Resume’ talks to normalize relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran | Arab News DW | Latest news and insights from around the world | DW

Rival regional powers Iran and Saudi Arabia have resumed talks in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, after they were suspended in March, the semi-official Iranian website Noor News reported on Saturday (April 23, 2022). The Iranian Supreme National Security Council’s Noor News website said a fifth round of talks had taken place between representatives of Iran … Read more

The matrix of life.. Bring out the best in you

Tell me – How do you make your life the pinnacle of love and submission to the will of God.. (The matrix of life) This is the pinnacle of servanthood to God in the last ten days. not to love more than his benefactor. It is not a requirement that you be a preacher or … Read more

“Hearing impairment” .. Disabilities not on the lists of victims of the war in Yemen | culture and society | Societal challenges in the depths of Germany and the Arab world | DW

“Almost all of our hearing was damaged in the house, after a missile exploded a few meters from us we escaped direct injury, but over time we began to realize that our hearing was affected , especially for my three-year-old child,” says Samar Ahmed, one of the many unidentified Yemenis, precisely known, among the forgotten … Read more

Interpretation of a dream of a husband marrying his wife

Khabarni – There have been many interpretations of seeing the husband marrying his wife in a dream, as their interpretations differ according to the state of the seer, his relationship with the husband, his relationship with the second wife and the specifications of the new wife There are many other interpretations of this vision with … Read more

One of the signs of a husband’s continued love for his wife is his fear and concern for her.

Tell me – the husband’s love for his wife, there are signs and manifestations that can be evidence of noble feelings of love for the wife, the husband may not always directly express his love for his wife, but his actions indicate his feelings, through his interest in his wife. Indirect signs of husband’s love … Read more

Civil Society – Important Recommendations for the Role of Youth and Students in Countering Drugs and Building Security and Stability in Aden

Hold a community dialogue on the role of young men and women, male and female students in the fight against drugs and building security and stability in Aden, as part of the activities of the dialogue forum of the capacity building program security at the local level, which is implemented by the Yemen Center for … Read more

Civil Society – A forum for dialogue that highlights the role of youth and students in supporting efforts to promote community security, tolerance, stability and peace

Sunday evening, in the hall of the Yemeni Center for Human Rights Studies, the dialogue forum (22) of the district of Mansoura in the capital, Aden, was held in front of “the role of young people and students in supporting efforts to promote community security, tolerance, stability and peace in Aden”. The work of the … Read more

6 supplements that boost mood and focus

Neurotransmitters, or chemical connections in the human body, are molecules that help the nervous system communicate with nerve cells, muscle cells, glands, and other parts of the body so that all cells, organs, and tissues perform their tasks and work. Neurotransmitters are primarily involved in boosting mood and cognitive function, but they also affect muscle … Read more

The woman from housewife to delinquent prisoner. Elite Discussions :: Nabataeans

Nabataeans – The Nabataeans – Maryam Al-Qasim. A new reality that Jordanian women live is out of the ordinary: overnight, she finds herself between four walls in a scene she has never seen, except in the movies, and why? This is the money she was forced to borrow, perhaps forcibly or voluntarily, from associations that … Read more