Logic, Tanfez. What I want, the world will turn against you, is not used by nobles.. Abdullah Rushdi raises controversy by defending Koshary al-Tahrir.. Appearance Shaheen attacks the preacher

Written by: Diaa El-Sakka Preacher Abdullah Rushdi trending social media sites in recent hours after sparking a state of controversy after defending Koshary Al-Tahrir restaurant after preventing a Coptic woman and her daughter from having a meal in the store before sunset. Rushdi said, via his Facebook account: “All restaurants have dates to open the … Read more

Castle News | Lawyer Raja Al-Bdour writes to government and officials: The state is required to establish a “debtor’s fund” to pay small debts of citizens

The government must set up a financial fund with a capital of 200 million To solve the problem of amounts lower than 5000 dinars, because more than 85 thousand checks For the government to pay these sums to the creditors After you return to the origin of the debt, i.e. without interest or fines ——————————— … Read more

On her birthday… 5 situations that tell Umm Kulthum’s love story for Al-Ahly

Today, Thursday, is the birthday of the icon of rapture in the Arab world, the eastern planet, Umm Kulthum, who was born on December 31, 1898 in the village of “Tamay Al-Zahayra” at the Sinbillawin Center in Dakahlia Governorate. Her real name is Fatima Ibrahim Al-Sayed Al-Beltagy. Although Kawkab Al-Sharq was not very interested in … Read more

“Paris gave me the desire to live”… The travels of Muhammad Husayn Heikal in Europe

Muhammad Hussein Heikal left influential traces in all areas of his career. We have found a founding writer of the art of modern Arabic novel, since he published the novel “Zainab” in 1914, a famous journalist in the years 1920s and 1930s, a historian, prominent politician on the board of the Constitutional Liberal Party, and … Read more

I made 30 relationships and was drinking at the institute.. Strong statements by Alaa Morsi

The artist Alaa Morsi, guest of episode 17 of Ramadan of the program “Derrière le soleil”, with the mediatist Amira Badr, broadcast on the Al Shams channel at ten o’clock in the evening, and who made numerous fiery statements follow you, “Nabaa Al Arab” in the next lines. I started with the generation of the … Read more

Archaeologist Tells His Story With Sheikh Baaish Shrine, Karnak Temple and Rams Road

Archaeologist Dr Mansour Brik, former Head of Central Administration of Cairo and Giza, reveals its history with Rams Road, Sheikh Baibish Shrine and Karnak Temple, pointing out that Luxor Governorate started in 2006 AD in the works of a huge project to develop the front yard of Karnak Temple and remove all occupations that were … Read more

Al-Faruq and preserving the priorities of good for the parish: positions, lessons and crossroads – Al-Shorouk Online

He – may God be pleased with him – memorized the precedents of kindness for Muslims, and he had a precise scale in the evaluation of men, for he, may God be pleased with him, said: You do not like arrogance of a man, but he who fulfills confidence and refrains from honoring people is … Read more