Supplications for the middle of the night of Ramadan

Prayers for the middle night of Ramadan, prayers for the middle night of Ramadan for the relief of worries, prayers for the middle night of Ramadan for the forgiveness of sins, prayers for the middle night of Ramadan written, prayers for the night of the middle of Ramadan are answered, these supplications will be recited … Read more

“The strangeness behind bars” .. When the killer meets the impostor in a prison

In the world of crime, everything is allowed, to accuse, to conceal, to accuse others… In the end, everything can be done behind bars, but despite this, the truth cannot be hidden either, no matter how long it will take, and no matter who did it, the decisive moment must come when the facts are … Read more

Brigadier General Jamal Mawas Tells the Story of the Assassination of Martyr President Rashid Karami…and Lies to Major General Rifi

East view: Indeed, it was a big surprise what Major General Ashraf Rifi announced, by which he absolves the “Lebanese Forces” and its leader of the bombing of the plane of martyr President Rashid Karami, while the martyr was returning from Tripoli to Beirut on June 1, 1987. The helicopter belonged to the Lebanese army … Read more