Eliminating the economic scars of the pandemic requires urgent action

Eliminating the economic scars of the pandemic requires urgent action Photo: IMF Photos May 23, 2022 The challenges faced by workers and students in various emerging markets can turn into long-term damage. G20 economies continue to recover from the pandemic, but the unprecedented shock could concentrate long-term scars that weaken the economic outlook relative to … Read more

Tarawneh writes: O breaking dawn!! | Book of Ammon

Sherine.. O Palestinian dawn, rising from the womb of a nation slaughtered by oppression, tyranny, corruption and the heinous Nazi Nazi occupation.. Glory to Him who brought the living from the dead.. and the light of darkness! ! Shireen..Oh, a Palestinian Arab Hussam who has always been crippled and uplifted in the face of heinous … Read more

Hands in love body language

body language loving hands, And its role in showing the emotional relationships between the two partners and between people close to each other, and body language is one of the languages ​​that people use between each other to show feelings of affection and closeness, and it is similar to human language in terms of complexity … Read more

Previous .. Washington decides to officially celebrate in Morocco for a month and adopts a special day for the Kingdom – Moroccan depth

Company The U.S. capital, Washington, is set to officially celebrate Morocco for an entire month in the greater Washington area, after the Moroccan-American Network won a second official approval from the Mayor of Washington to celebrate Morocco, after a move similar from the mayor of Alexandria, Virginia, two years ago. A statement sent to the … Read more

International Conference on Child Support Lines kicks off in Doha

The International Conference on Child Support Lines, organized by the “Aman” Center for Social Protection and Rehabilitation, began today, with the participation of 30 international and regional organizations concerned with children’s issues, and a group of interested parties, and in the presence of Mr. Ahmed bin Mohammed al-Kuwari, CEO of the Qatar Foundation for Social … Read more

Abdul Malik bin Marwan’s will before his death.. what the Islamic heritage says

Abdul Malik bin Marwan died in the year 86 AH, and he had served as Caliph of Muslims for about 21 years, so what does the Islamic heritage say? The book, The Beginning and the End, says under the title “Then I entered the year eighty-six”. It was said: When Abd al-Malik Ibn Marwan was … Read more

In pictures… the Minister of Solidarity launches the “Strong Families” and “Baraka Movement” programs

Follow the latest news via the app Nevin Al-Kabbaj, Minister of Social Solidarity and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Addictions and Abuse Treatment and Treatment Fund, opened the regional workshop in cooperation with the United Nations Office on Drugs and crime – Regional Office for the Middle East and North Africa, within … Read more