Soraya Fawaz’s heart gave out 3 days after her medication was discontinued… her husband told Al-Nahar: Merchants have become more dangerous than officials.

A medical warning that touched no one, and what many feared, we began to reap its disastrous results. Two days ago, social media sites were buzzing with the story of mother “Umm Qassem” or Soraya Fawaz, who died as a result of not taking heart medication for 3 days. This tragic incident must be on … Read more

New conditions for those who are about to marry. Violating them will expose you to imprisonment and a fine

All who are about to marry are prohibited from contracting marriage except after a full medical examination and presentation of a documented certificate to the authorized person and competent authorities, failing which offenders will be liable imprisonment for a term of up to one year and a fine of up to 50 thousand pounds, whether … Read more

The concepts will change, because Islam is not weak!!!!!

Sister Tawakkol Karman spoke in her post about the fact that Islam is in danger and it has no future in today’s world, if it is not as described, she is personal advice, and I don’t want to discuss his advice here because the absolute statement is “Islam is in danger and has no future … Read more

Final decision: faithfulness to the spirit of the partner in married life is an eligibility requirement

12:21 p.m. Saturday, May 14, 2022 Books – Mahmoud El-Shorbagy: The Supreme Administrative Court, Examinations Section, issued a unanimous decision rejecting the appeal filed by Social Security and Pensions against the Husband (PAM) and upholding the decision rendered by the Administrative Court of Alexandria, chaired by Councilor Dr. Mohamed Abdel Wahab. Khafagy, Vice-President of the … Read more

Final judgement: fidelity to the spirit of the partner in married life is a condition for opening the right to a pension

The condition for a widowed husband to be entitled to his deceased wife’s pension is not to marry her – and widowed women are also Court: A person is a soul and a body, and allowing a new wife to benefit from a deceased wife’s pension and enjoy her bed rests her soul while she … Read more

“Ondaatje Prize” for a child’s memoir on the last outposts of Stalinism in Europe

Some prizes, despite their importance, were not accessible to the Arab reader, and therefore knew the human experiences inscribed in their prize lists, unless one of them was intended for translation, and generally the prize-winning book. Despite the fact that literature falls under the banner of the imagination, it has shown itself, from its birth … Read more

Domestic violence in Egypt: the issue of “wife beatings” comes back to the fore

Wael Hussein BBC – Cairo February 3, 2022 published image, Getty Images comment on the photo, (expressive) Controversy has raged recently in Egypt over a bill introduced by a female parliamentarian calling for a harsher punishment for a husband beating his wife, leading to a prison term of three to five years. On television screens … Read more

Iraq.. Imprisonment for a couple blackmailing young people with “immoral acts”

More than 50 cases and 12 deaths from haemorrhagic fever have been recorded in Iraq since the beginning of this year, causing a state of anxiety in popular circles despite government assurances. Most cases and deaths have occurred in the southern province of Dhi Qar, with fewer cases in Erbil, Kirkuk, Baghdad, Najaf and Nineveh, … Read more

Al-Ayyam Diary – Indian couple separated by war in Ukraine and abducted at sea off Yemen

> An Indian couple have finally reunited at their home in the southern Indian state of Kerala after experiencing a separate international conflict for the past four months. Akhil Rigo, 26, was among seven Indian sailors captured after Houthi rebels hijacked a civilian cargo ship in the Red Sea in January. Then his wife, Jethina … Read more