My Wife’s Ex-Husband Turned Our Lives To Hell With Malicious Statements

mona spring masculinity do not only word synonyms Means male, but this First name Shine a lot; She is Means magnanimity and brotherhood and attitudes Nope cunning deception perfidy; and marriage It is Partnership Between male and a woman its pillars cohabitation Good and known Nope own and humiliation As such to events our cause … Read more

When will the cold war against successful women end? ! | Book of Ammon

When will the cold war against successful women end? ! Sarah Taleb Al-Suhail 22/03/2022 01:40 The Arab drama once presented the active and educated woman as a model who cares neither for her femininity nor for her home, she only has superiority in work, while failing to establish a successful human relationship in parallel to … Read more

Interpretation of seeing a shower in a dream for a man, a woman, a pregnant woman, a divorced woman and a single woman

The interpretation of seeing a shower in a dream is one of the most important dreams that make a person feel purity and purity as they get rid of all their worries and sorrows. With improvement and recovery, and this vision carries several diverse and different interpretations depending on the social status of the owner … Read more

Doaa livelihood for marriage – Trends

Marriage is one year from the Sunnah of God in the universe, and the natural right of every human being, says Allah (interpretation of the meaning). Islam encourages marriage.Despite this, there was no explicit form of supplication from the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, to facilitate or hasten the marriage.However, it … Read more

The verses of marriage and his hasty and prophetic hadiths about him “And these are the verses that invalidate his magic”

wedding verses …Marriage is the sacred bond between two people who have decided to live together and to continue their life together; For this relationship to be satisfactory for both parties; They must observe God in their dealings with one another, and this will only be achieved by knowing them wedding verses What we are … Read more

marriage blessing

Praised be God, Lord of the worlds, and I testify that there is no god but God, alone without partner, and I testify that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger, as to the following.. The blessings of God upon His servants are many and innumerable, the Almighty said, “And if you count the blessings of … Read more