Sponsorship of orphans. Social security and alternative solution for families deprived of procreation

“Social Development” receives hundreds of requests .. and specific conditions of incubation Aisha Al Bahariya: Continuous monitoring of children incubated by families until the age of 18 Foster families: containing children is a human gesture that restores confidence in mothers and elevates the feeling of motherhood Sponsoring orphans is a touch of hope and a … Read more

Housing: We have detected more than 1,000 fake news stories about the Social Housing Fund

Mai Abdel Hamid, CEO of the Social Housing and Real Estate Financing Support Fund, confirmed that the Fund’s control and monitoring teams are working constantly and in real time to follow all the news and information published on the Fund and its different projects in various media and social media sites, with the aim of … Read more

“The Choice 3:” Why did a TV series spark all this controversy?

April 10, 2022 published image, A photo of the series from the Facebook page of the company “Synergy” comment on the photo, The series “The Choice 3” has sparked a wide controversy between supporters and opponents In the pages of several Arab newspapers, and on social networks, the controversy is still lively, concerning the series … Read more