Anglo-Indian Cooperation on Land, Sea, Air, Space and Internet

Johnson describes relationship between London and New Delhi as a ‘lighthouse in a stormy sea’ In light of the current global geopolitical situation, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson during his two-day visit to India not only focused on strengthening mutual economic and defense relations, but also targeted China. and Russia, calling them “autocratic countries”. located … Read more

Human trafficking fears as Ukrainian children arrive in Britain

The Independent has revealed that some children fleeing Ukraine without their parents may be accommodated by adults in the UK under the refugee scheme, but without proper checks. More than 200,000 Britons have signed up for a government program that allows British sponsors to house Ukrainians fleeing war in their homes. So far, 1,200 refugees … Read more

Is political dialogue in Egypt urgent?

Referring to the internal and external challenges facing Egypt, on the sidelines of the inspection of the wheat harvest in the Toshka region (south), Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi announced “the call for a dialogue global policy commensurate with the construction of the new republic”. soon”, at a time when it faces the largest Arab … Read more

Hala Khalil: ‘Sweet Dreams’ chronicles changes in Egyptian society through the eyes of women

Hala Khalil: ‘Sweet Dreams’ chronicles changes in Egyptian society through the eyes of women She told Asharq Al-Awsat that the series is not pure comedy Wednesday – 19 Ramadan 1443 AH – 20 April 2022 AD Issue No. [ 15849] work snapshot Cairo: Nadia Abdel Halim The Egyptian series “Happy Dreams”, starring the artist Yousra, … Read more

The late Alicia Gallian at twenty revives the legend of Rambo

“Alicia was right, love is stronger than death.” With these words, Father Germain concludes his sermon at the funeral of Alicia Gallian, a French poet who died at the age of twenty, but he will not be able to overcome the texts she left behind. Rich and vibrant texts of love and life, written by … Read more

The Chinese “metavirus”… a promising future for generations of social networks

Development facilities and supercomputing centers will support economic growth and attract talent There have been many descriptions of “Metaverse” since its appearance, including describing it as the next revolution in the world of social media, and that it is a design that will be dangerous, and that it represents the future of Internet, in addition … Read more

Confessions of love under the bombardments in the Syrian play “Contact”

This is not the first time that a Syrian playwright resorts to placing his characters in the hypothesis of a siege, as Mustafa Al-Hallaj had already done in his text “A Special Night Celebration for Dresden” in 1970 , in which the late writer invokes Nazi crimes through the story of a group of Germans … Read more

‘Central Bank of Iraq’ warns against trading in Libyan dollar… so what is it?

Last Wednesday, the Central Bank of Iraq reiterated that there is no so-called “Libyan dollar currency” and that what is circulating on social media in this regard is nothing more than fraud and fraud using counterfeit currencies, and this bank reserves the right to take legal action against each of the Circulates or promotes such … Read more

Washington waves the “Jewish” and “gay” cards against Algeria

A US State Department report on human rights has sparked discussions in Algeria, after delving into records that many consider taboo in the country. Washington went out of its way when its annual freedoms report addressed Jewish and gay issues in Algeria, remarkably, where it criticized the criminalization of public obscenity and same-sex relations by … Read more

“Jurisprudence of Drama”… When the screen becomes the arena of religious polemics

The month of Ramadan has become the annual meeting place for religious polemics, and fatwas are no longer only in religious programs or questions from fasters on the pages of the institutions concerned, but jurisprudential opinions have extended to dramatic works, and commentary has become focused on the legal issues that are exposed at some … Read more