Puccini depicts in “Madame Butterfly” the impossibility of an emotional encounter between two worlds

When the Italian composer Giacomo Puccini presented his grand opera “Madame Butterfly” in its first performances at the “Scala Milano”, at the beginning of 1904, he was forty-six years old and found himself halfway between his first great works and the masterpieces of the last years of his life… His music had become To a … Read more

Morocco is seriously considering abolishing underage marriage

The controversy around the marriage of minors in Morocco is renewed each time a demand for human rights arises or a political party proposes a law demanding the prohibition or abolition of this type of marriage from the Code of family (Family Law), which happened recently following the presentation of the National Rally of Independents … Read more

A match between Iraqi parents to win the skill of shooting their sons

This is not a circus show or an optical illusion program, this is real video of a real incident in which an Iraqi father from Al-Muthanna governorate risks his son’s life and makes him a person to shoot live ammunition in order to prove the shooting accuracy of which he is proud.The video begins with … Read more

The sudden fall of the dove occupies the hero of the novel “2020”

Naim Sabri began his literary career by writing poetry, and published two books in 1988, namely “Journals of a General Postage Stamp” and “Reflections on Conditions”. After that he went to the theater, until he finally decided to write the novel. , publishing thirteen novels to date. And here is his new novel, “2020” (Dar … Read more

It may be too late to revive the Commonwealth

A few weeks ago, a very secret lunch took place in the public administration. The audience included a former Prime Minister and personalities from various fields. The topic of discussion was the transformation of the former barracks in Woolwich, southeast London, into a new area called ‘Royal Commonwealth Greenwich’, comprising a gallery, hotel, museum, cultural … Read more

‘Ultimate Warning: Marriage or Farewell’ Reveals Artificial Reality TV Exaggeration

To marry or not to marry, such is the dilemma around which “Ultimate Warning: Marriage or Farewell” revolves. There are only minutes left from the start of the program until we know six couples who have reached the decision stage [مفترق الطرق] Between engagement or separation forever. This situation is one of life’s hardships that … Read more