The birds of Egyptian cinema.. (Bass Al-Asfoura) | Articles and studies

22/5/2022–|Last update: 05/22/20228:18 p.m. (Mecca) Governments, in times of crisis, and when the frequency of popular anger against their policies increases, resort to the making of media bombs, or what we can call smoke bombs, to try to change the attitude of the public to their regard to other sub-themes. anger, the greater the number … Read more

The defeat of the Minister of Awqaf in the site of the Eid prayer! | Articles and studies

The simple response of the Egyptian people came spontaneously to the recent decisions of the Egyptian Minister of Endowments, Muhammad Mukhtar Gomaa, as millions of Egyptians flocked to the Eid prayers in the streets and squares without committing to the places fixed by the minister, after a series of restrictions and unjust decisions which he … Read more

Popular Media: From Silent Joy to Proclaimed Noise | Articles and studies

05/05/2022–|Last update: 05/05/20225:26 p.m. (Mecca) (1) The defeat of 67 was an earthquake for the Egyptians, as they lost a sense of stability and security, and suffered from mistrust of the future and fear of the unknown. At that time, Dr. Sayed Owais, one of the pioneers of sociology in Egypt, began to study a … Read more

Cinema in a psychiatric hospital | Articles and studies

The deportation officer at Al-Wahat prison discovers the disappearance of a political prisoner. He only finds a labourer, Helmy Abdel Sayed, to replace the fugitive prisoner. Helmy rebels and opposes this procedure, especially after ending up in the political prisoner ward. Helmy insists he’s not the prisoner, so the prison overseer turns him into a … Read more

Turkish soft power and future prospects! | Articles and studies

How did Turkey manage to turn its history, culture and geographical location into strategic assets, and use them to build its soft power?! Ibrahim Kalin – associate professor and spokesperson for the Turkish presidency – provides a new and in-depth answer to this question, in which he explains that Turkey has realized the opportunities offered … Read more

Belfast: When conflict in the homelands closes the doors to the future | Articles and studies

(1) The whole world stands on tiptoe as it watches the war in Ukraine in horror for fear of its expansion and transformation into a Third World War that will destroy everything. The international media aim their cameras at the scene of the events, and the satellite channels welcome speakers around the clock to explain … Read more

Yahya Al-Fakharani.. Romantic Dramatic Performance | Articles and studies

04/13/2022–|Last update: 04/13/202210:45 p.m. (Mecca) Since the appearance of the artist Yahya Al-Fakhrani on the dramatic screen of television in the series Days of Fun, directed by Muhammad Fadel and written by Assem Tawfiq during the Ramadan season in 1972, and until the season Ramadan drama last year 2021, Al- Fakharani did not miss Ramadan … Read more