Skaf at the popular bloc election party in Zahle: These are elections, guys, not a buy-and-sell market

The Popular Bloc organized an election party in the city of Zahlé, in the presence of the mayors and mayors of Zahlé, as well as activists from various regions and massive crowds from the city and its district. Former MP Gebran Tawk, MM. Michel and Naji Skaf attended. Candidates Muhammad Hammoud, representing the Sunni headquarters, … Read more

The phenomenon of modern and elegant begging | MENAFN.COM

(MENAFN-Akhbar Al Khaleej) A strange phenomenon that can be observed in the markets, alleys and mosques of Bahrain, not so long ago, It may have spread before and during Ramadan. Scene 1: In front of a supermarket, either before entering the market or leaving it, an Asian person approaches you, does not speak Arabic, but … Read more