PayTabs announces the launch of the pioneering e-commerce platform “Paymes” to support freelancers and small businesses in Egypt

PayTabs announces the launch of the pioneering e-commerce platform “Paymes” to support freelancers and small businesses in Egypt. Thanks to this strategic partnership with the social platform “Paymes”, merchants will be able to collect their dues via social media platforms. Cairo : PayTabs, the leading multi-award winning B2B payment solutions provider in Eurasia, today announced … Read more

Analysis of the name Aisel and its main characteristics

Analyzing the name Essel is one of the names that many parents choose for their children. Recently, this name has spread among many children. Thus, we get to know many of the qualities that characterize Aisel. Along with identifying some of the talents this character possesses, some of the flaws and characteristics of this character … Read more

“You are our mother, Neil, and we are your children. » Nubia and the sacred river! | culture and society | Societal issues in the depths of Germany and the Arab world | DW

Muhammad Sobhi sings a popular Nubian song, expressing his happiness and the extent of his bond with the Nile “You are our mother, Nil, and we are your children. This old man lives in Aswan on a small island in the middle of the Nile. “The Nubians live on the banks of the Nile. Some … Read more

You won’t believe they’re not Egyptian. 17 male and female entertainers are some of the brightest Egyptian movie stars, but they’re of foreign descent. Among them, Mervat Amin! (get to know them)

Thank you for your interest in reading the news you won’t believe they are not Egyptian.. 17 male and female artists are among the brightest stars in Egyptian cinema, but they are foreign origin. Among them is Mervat Amin! (Get to know them) on our website and now with details Sana’a – Misra Ismail – … Read more

On the anniversary of the death of ‘Mother of Doctors’ Zuhaira Abdeen… Milestones in the life of a pioneering pediatrician honored by all | health

Cairo- She tasted the bitterness of an orphan’s mother when she was only a three-year-old child, and she became a “mother of children”, and devoted her life to medicine. She was a “Mother of Physicians”, a pioneer of community medicine. , a wise woman who reached the borders of the United Kingdom and was honored … Read more

This is the position of Egyptian engineers on the normalization of Sadat with the occupation

Abul-Ela Madi began his kinetic and Islamic activity since the seventies of the last century, when he was a student at the Faculty of Engineering, where he was elected president of the Students’ Union of the Faculty of Engineering. engineering then president of the Students’ Association. Union of the University of Minya (in Upper Egypt) … Read more

A government warning and a civil concern… What’s behind the legalization of Egyptian e-donations? | Political news

Cairo – As Egyptians prepared to celebrate the first day of this year’s Eid al-Fitr, the Ministry of Social Solidarity issued a strong statement announcing the “launch of an intense campaign” targeting what he described as “the regulation and legalization of electronic donations.” This came hours after a remarkable success of an electronic charity auction … Read more

Ibrahim Issa’s wife reveals her opinion on “Faten Amal Harbi”: my unscathed testimony

Thank you for your interest in reading the news of Ibrahim Issa’s wife revealing her opinion on “Faten Amal Harbi”: my testimony unscathed on our site and now with the details Abu Dhabi – Ahmed Al-Jazzar – Amira Abdel-Fattah, wife of writer and journalist Ibrahim Issa, commented on the controversy surrounding the series Faten Amal … Read more

Egyptian concerns, not Christian ones

There have been a growing number of recent incidents of violence against Egyptian Christians. Usually these events coincide with two speeches. State discourse is about “terrorist”, non-sectarian violence, considering the state to be in conflict with “terrorist” groups, and a Christian discourse about Islamic persecution of Christians. It is the latter that primarily concerns us, … Read more