Libya the future | Ahmed Nasser Qurain: Between sadness and anger there is only love

Libya al-Mustaqbal (Libyan Saqifa (Libya al-Mustaqbal Cultural Gateway): (Not sadness.. but Hazyeen).. This is how Muzaffar Al-Nawab begins his poem. What is not sadness, but inherits sadness? It’s nothing but anger. Yes, the sadness goes to the tears, and the tears explode with anger. Did not Adonis write in one of his texts: I say … Read more

Libya the future | A story of love and dreams

A story of love and dreams A reading of the novel (I see you everywhere) by Muhammad Al-Tilisi > Young Novel Some time ago, I started to write a subject on the young Libyan novel, or the novel written by young people, whose novelistic production appeared suddenly and strongly, and some of them were able … Read more

Libya the future | Joseph the wolf

Dr. Noureddine Mahmoud Said | 04/15/2022 at 00:57 With all the episodes from the previous Saraya, a separate episode, which was quoted almost exactly as it was mentioned in the Qaramaniliyah history books, I’ll get straight to the drama here, who is it that stitched the story with fine embroideries of visual agate and not … Read more