Matrimonial leave..the separation of one spouse from the other breaks the routine and renews the love between them | lifestyle

Interview with Dr. Mazen: Preserving personal spaces is one of the most important characteristics of a healthy marital relationship, but these spaces are shrinking due to increased responsibilities and life pressures, causing disagreements and psychological or physical exhaustion for one or both spouses, then the need to take a vacation or personal vacation arises. Amman- … Read more

A colossal fine for those who ignore it. In Afghanistan, a tribal and governmental initiative to reduce the cost of marriage | lifestyle

Paktia Province- Pashtun tribal leaders – the jirga – have developed a social initiative, the first of its kind, in the southeastern province of Paktia, which deals with a new law and foundations to reduce the costs of marriage and weddings. Tribal leaders say the initiative came after complaints from families who could not marry … Read more

Popular proverbs on the language of grandparents in situations and occasions… Does the new generation keep this heritage? | lifestyle

Nayef Al-Nawaisah: The popular proverb is one of the pillars of literature and one of the most influential and popular for its short sentence, its contact with people’s lives, their experiences and its ease of memorization. Amman- Popular proverbs have a magic that cannot be underestimated, since they are “present” on the tongue of grandparents, … Read more

Why does love make you so happy? Scientific Answers | lifestyle

Falling in love reduces stress, eases pain and makes you happier. It also leads to positive biological changes that have been proven by scientific research. According to ScienceDaily, falling in love causes our bodies to release a flood of feel-good chemicals that trigger specific bodily responses, such as our cheeks blushing, our palms sweating, and … Read more

The slow relationship killer. Why should you stop criticizing your partner? | lifestyle

To tell the difference between a constructive complaint and a destructive criticism, we can focus on the language used. No matter how much the spouses agree, there must be some things they differ about, and over time those differences become clearer and harder to accept. And it’s not just negative or silly comment your partner … Read more

Please stay.. when love becomes a disease | lifestyle

Sometimes called “morbid attachment,” love addiction occurs when feelings of attachment and affection become overly obsessive and uncontrollable and turn into a form of illness. How is it going ? And what drives some people to this insatiable need for love? Psychologists and specialists agree that love addiction is a type of behavioral addiction that … Read more

The secrets of marital relationships that last | lifestyle

Cecilia Como: What pushes couples to seek perfection is the rejection of failure, but the most constant are those who know each other’s faults and their own. In 2019, Alicia and Jonathan, in their thirties, went to the clinic of psychoanalyst Cecilia Como, and they weren’t looking to fix a relationship damaged by infidelity, for … Read more