How did the “relationship” drive me crazy while I was meditating? The novel “Your Love Darbani” and Tales of Attachment

I reread the novel “Your love Darbani” by the pioneer of the Tunisian novel, Bashir Khrayef (1917-1983), after having gone through a psychological crisis, following the failure of a romantic relationship, which made me read this which was new to the psychology of relationships. I was struck by the novel’s intuitive and insightful awareness in … Read more

Her voice has become a companion that doesn’t care about permission and doesn’t care about time

Desire touched him and melted A small wooden chair at the entrance to the kitchen was my stable, my refuge and the most important place in our house, I sat on it whenever I wanted to watch my mother spend long hours cooking or preparing vegetables for the next cooking. day, or doing the dishes … Read more

In Cairo, we enter into love stories like in a bar

This article is included in the “Valentine’s Day File”. in his book Why we love – the nature and chemistry of love it’s called Helen Fisher The beginning of the fall in love and the fascination for the other “obsessive love” or “flamboyant love” which changes the chemistry of the spirit and makes the loved … Read more

The “For Death” series… A message of frustration for a society that doesn’t need more to commit suicide

I followed the series “To Death” in its two parts, the first, which aired during Ramadan 2021, and the second part, which is currently airing. I confess that I followed the series not at all for its intellectual value and the shameful message it conveys, but because I love the actors, especially Maguy Abu Ghosn … Read more

How does love change your brain?

For many years, neuroscientist Stephanie Ortig thought the answer was yes to the question: Can we live without love? Although she researched the science of human relationships, Ortig was unable to fully realize its importance in her life. In her new book, Wired for Love: A Neuroscientist’s Journey Through Romance, Loss, and the Essence of … Read more

Eid Al Fitr in Sharqia.. 686 gardens receive visitors.. and the creation of “Love Street 2”

Government agencies in the Eastern region have completed preparations to receive Blessed Eid al-Fitr, preparing service sites, stepping up cleaning and maintenance work, and monitoring health and the environment . cleaning work The Eastern Region Municipality said that preparations included the participation of more than 3,400 workers in all clean-up work, which will continue throughout … Read more

National day of mourning in Mexico… Love is the root of rebellion

In a city like Cairo, conquering feelings and overwhelming emotions seem to prevail, and any expression of love is a fantasy. The truth seems to be apparent that Cairo is always in a hurry, with no time to perceive or express feelings. But for the attentive seeker, he can find all the feelings in Cairo, … Read more

One of the signs of a husband’s continued love for his wife is his fear and concern for her.

Tell me – the husband’s love for his wife, there are signs and manifestations that can be evidence of noble feelings of love for the wife, the husband may not always directly express his love for his wife, but his actions indicate his feelings, through his interest in his wife. Indirect signs of husband’s love … Read more