Ramadan and television soap opera.. the illusion of the image and the abandonment of the spectator

Ramadan and television soap opera.. the illusion of the image and the abandonment of the spectator

Television has indeed played a major role in the emotional and political unification of much larger and more developed societies (as shown by the first studies of it in the 1950s, carried out by research groups at the universities of Bell and of South Carolina in the United States). United States, under the leadership of … Read more

Najran embodies the most wonderful images of social tolerance

In a majestic scene, amid a large gathering of tribal sheikhs, community dignitaries and large numbers of citizens, the “Al Shetheen Al Mujebah Yam” tribe in Najran set the most wonderful example of forgiveness and tolerance , and presented a living example of chivalry. , knighthood and chivalry when she renounced her right and announced … Read more

US Intelligence Expects Putin to Prepare for ‘Protracted’ War, Zelensky Calls on International Community to End Blockade of Ukrainian Ports | Political news

Director of National Intelligence Avril Haynes said US assessments indicate that Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing for a protracted war in Ukraine, with the coming months likely to see a significant and unexpected escalation in hostilities. It comes as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on the international community to intervene to end the Russian … Read more

Morocco is seriously considering abolishing underage marriage

Baghdad today – follow-up The controversy around the marriage of minors in Morocco is renewed each time a demand for human rights arises or a political party proposes a law demanding the prohibition or abolition of this type of marriage from the Code of family (Family Law), which happened recently following the presentation of the … Read more

You won’t believe they’re not Egyptian. 17 male and female entertainers are some of the brightest Egyptian movie stars, but they’re of foreign descent. Among them, Mervat Amin! (get to know them)

Thank you for your interest in reading the news you won’t believe they are not Egyptian.. 17 male and female artists are among the brightest stars in Egyptian cinema, but they are foreign origin. Among them is Mervat Amin! (Get to know them) on our website and now with details Sana’a – Misra Ismail – … Read more

A government warning and a civil concern… What’s behind the legalization of Egyptian e-donations? | Political news

Cairo – As Egyptians prepared to celebrate the first day of this year’s Eid al-Fitr, the Ministry of Social Solidarity issued a strong statement announcing the “launch of an intense campaign” targeting what he described as “the regulation and legalization of electronic donations.” This came hours after a remarkable success of an electronic charity auction … Read more

Ibrahim Issa’s wife reveals her opinion on “Faten Amal Harbi”: my unscathed testimony

Thank you for your interest in reading the news of Ibrahim Issa’s wife revealing her opinion on “Faten Amal Harbi”: my testimony unscathed on our site and now with the details Abu Dhabi – Ahmed Al-Jazzar – Amira Abdel-Fattah, wife of writer and journalist Ibrahim Issa, commented on the controversy surrounding the series Faten Amal … Read more

Application for exemption from housing assistance between spouses

We show you the news details of our most important and recent visitors Spouses ask to waive housing assistance in the following article Omar Shuwail – Jeddah The Saudi Ministry of Housing always seeks to provide support to citizens through Residential platform With the aim of offering the possibility of obtaining the first housing for … Read more

So that holidays really remain holidays

Eid is a season of joy, a season of happiness, a time when loved ones meet, a time to give, a time to show love, a time when laughter rises and congratulations dance . We all run to start with the blessing before we receive it, so whoever initiates the kindness gets the reward, and … Read more

Enjoy his money and leave it to his whims – Al Watan Saudi Newspaper

With the increase in cases of divorce between husbands and the tangible spread of marital problems, especially those where women accuse their husbands of neglect, indifference, preoccupation and other accusations, several calls from many women and even girls about to marry fall under the slogan “Enjoy the husband’s money and leave it to his whim” … Read more