After raising it in Parliament, the Sheikh of Al-Azhar clarifies the reality of polygamy in Islam

Representative Nashwa Al-Deeb’s request, a member of the House of Representatives, has sparked widespread controversy regarding the Personal Status Law and the issue of polygamy, to obtain judicial authorization and to inform the first wife. Article 14 of the bill stipulates that “if the husband desires polygamy, he must ask the family court judge, in … Read more

Imprisonment and fine. Beware of polygamy without judicial authorization according to a project

1:00 p.m. Wednesday 06 April 2022 Books – Ahmed El Saadawi: Representative Nashwa El-Deeb, a member of the House of Representatives, introduced a new personal status bill, comprising 102 articles, other than articles of publication. In the following we publish some articles, chapters and chapters of the bill. (14): If the husband wishes polygamy, he … Read more