SeptemberNet – Building watering cans to collect rainwater. Quality projects for the Social Fund in Dhamar

“September 26”: Dhamar: Muhammad Al-Alawi May 15, 2022 Hits: 116 The Social Fund for Development, Dhamar – Al-Bayda branch, implemented a special irrigation project for rainwater harvesting for 152 beneficiaries in Bani Al-Musannaf area in Wesab Al-A district ali. With rugged geographical relief “139 km”, from Dhamar city, the center of Dhamar governorate, at a … Read more

The concepts will change, because Islam is not weak!!!!!

Sister Tawakkol Karman spoke in her post about the fact that Islam is in danger and it has no future in today’s world, if it is not as described, she is personal advice, and I don’t want to discuss his advice here because the absolute statement is “Islam is in danger and has no future … Read more

Al-Ayyam Newspaper – Zainabiyat Al-Houthi is a weapon of blackmail and political, social and cultural change

The Houthi militia abducted a number of women in Yemen’s far northern Saada governorate over allegations of shopping without a mahram. And the female police carried out the kidnappings of dozens of shoppers, while later releasing the kidnapped women after forcing them to write pledges not to go to the market without a mahram. The … Read more

“Hearing impairment” .. Disabilities not on the lists of victims of the war in Yemen | culture and society | Societal challenges in the depths of Germany and the Arab world | DW

“Almost all of our hearing was damaged in the house, after a missile exploded a few meters from us we escaped direct injury, but over time we began to realize that our hearing was affected , especially for my three-year-old child,” says Samar Ahmed, one of the many unidentified Yemenis, precisely known, among the forgotten … Read more