Ramadan and television soap opera.. the illusion of the image and the abandonment of the spectator

Ramadan and television soap opera.. the illusion of the image and the abandonment of the spectator

Television has indeed played a major role in the emotional and political unification of much larger and more developed societies (as shown by the first studies of it in the 1950s, carried out by research groups at the universities of Bell and of South Carolina in the United States). United States, under the leadership of … Read more

Najran embodies the most wonderful images of social tolerance

In a majestic scene, amid a large gathering of tribal sheikhs, community dignitaries and large numbers of citizens, the “Al Shetheen Al Mujebah Yam” tribe in Najran set the most wonderful example of forgiveness and tolerance , and presented a living example of chivalry. , knighthood and chivalry when she renounced her right and announced … Read more

So that holidays really remain holidays

Eid is a season of joy, a season of happiness, a time when loved ones meet, a time to give, a time to show love, a time when laughter rises and congratulations dance . We all run to start with the blessing before we receive it, so whoever initiates the kindness gets the reward, and … Read more

Enjoy his money and leave it to his whims – Al Watan Saudi Newspaper

With the increase in cases of divorce between husbands and the tangible spread of marital problems, especially those where women accuse their husbands of neglect, indifference, preoccupation and other accusations, several calls from many women and even girls about to marry fall under the slogan “Enjoy the husband’s money and leave it to his whim” … Read more

Our lives are on hold – Al-Watan Saudi Newspaper

As life progresses, ages become smaller in our eyes, and they become just numbers in brackets and nothing more. We used to see twenty year old men as men not to be around, and as soon as we reached it, we found them children with male symptoms, and we used to see men of thirty … Read more

The veil of self – Saudi newspaper Al-Watan

Is the movement of direct understanding a veil? I will present – here – two names corresponding to lovers; Clarify the source of the question; They are Mahmoud Darwish and Mohamed Arkoun. As for Darwish, he is interviewed by Sobhi Hadidi, who wrote a study titled (Mahmoud Darwish in the Bed of the Stranger: A … Read more

Are we exaggerating the critique of revival?

Perhaps the Ramadan series “Al-Asouf” in its third part this year is what raises this question; Some even say he’s tired of this series’ focus on the existential struggle at the time between awakening, modernity, and the social changes natural to each generation; Indeed, some of them see the reminder of this stage in its … Read more