After raising it in Parliament, the Sheikh of Al-Azhar clarifies the reality of polygamy in Islam

Representative Nashwa Al-Deeb’s request, a member of the House of Representatives, has sparked widespread controversy regarding the Personal Status Law and the issue of polygamy, to obtain judicial authorization and to inform the first wife. Article 14 of the bill stipulates that “if the husband desires polygamy, he must ask the family court judge, in … Read more

Al-Azhar Center for Fatwa Clarifies Women’s Right to Struggle and Struggle

The Grand Imam, Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar, through his Ramadan program “The Good Imam”, called for the need to preserve the right of women “to strive and pursue” wealth from her husband. the year 2020, which stipulated: “The participant in the development of the family patrimony must be compensated, such as the wife … Read more

Television tonight. Sheikh Al-Azhar: Islam Focuses On Integrity Of Heart Because Its Sins Are Greater Than Those Of The Prey

The Sunday evening television programs dealt with many important issues and topics of concern to the Egyptian citizen and public opinion. Sheikh of Al-Azhar: Islam focuses on the integrity of the heart, and the sins of the heart are greater than the sins of the prey The Grand Imam, Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayyib, Sheikh of Al-Azhar … Read more