Discover your potential.. 6 secrets to be happy | shimmer

Instead of focusing on the negative, train yourself to focus on the positive, no matter how trivial. Many people enter a relationship expecting it to bring them eternal and complete gratification and remove all their problems, which can quickly turn into a state of seeking happiness exclusively with your partner. But the truth is that … Read more

Women’s National seeks permission to release husband’s accounts and sources of income regarding

11:53 p.m. Wednesday, May 11, 2022 Cairo – A Sh A The National Women’s Council led by Dr. Maya Morsi, and all its members and adherents, thanked and appreciated President Abdel Fattah El-Sissi for his statements yesterday, during an intervention on a television program, on the need to discuss family matters honestly, impartially and without … Read more

Mental load not calculated. This Is Why Women’s Energy Runs Out Faster | shimmer

The little family sits down for lunch and the mother tells her children that they need to eat vegetables and protein and watches them eat, while she tells her husband about the result of the daughter’s examination and the trip school the son wants to attend. The husband finishes eating and raises his plate and … Read more

Gentle parenting..a modern approach to caring for children and adolescents | shimmer

Beirut – Contemporary educational methods are characterized by openness, renewal and the art of dialogue with children in such a way as to strengthen their self-confidence. One of the most successful and widely used modern methods in recent times is the method of “gentle education”, which includes avoiding punishment, blows, shouting and threats. Al Jazeera … Read more

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Conflict is inevitable, but how we handle it can make a difference in the marital relationship. Researchers say the first year of marriage is full of changes, adjustments, and challenges as you and your spouse adjust to your new life and new roles, but how you handle this adjustment period is essential to ensure the … Read more

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“Thank you” is the easiest word to say, and it’s also the most important. When a couple is just starting out in life, they both see the world through rose-colored glasses. Everything is new and happy, when one looks at the other he sees a perfect person, even the world around you seems brighter and … Read more

Marital bullying…a hidden monster that destroys the husband-wife relationship and destroys the family | shimmer

Evan El-Hayek, Family Counselor: Spousal harassment occurs when a husband or wife deliberately inflicts psychological, emotional, or physical harm on the other party without there being any reason to do so. If there is a reason, it becomes domestic violence and not harassment. 14/12/2021–|Last update: 14/12/20212:05 p.m. (Mecca) Beirut- What to do if you are … Read more