What are the motives and dimensions of the Sudanese-Eritrean rapprochement?

In recent days, relations between Khartoum and Asmara have been remarkably active, after the latter was the closest to Addis Ababa, whose relations with Sudan are in a state of apathy due to disputes over the dam of the Renaissance, as well as the border dispute. on “Fashqa” lands. Eritrea, in its efforts to strengthen … Read more

Is Israel eradicating organs from the bodies of dead Palestinians?

At a vigil outside the headquarters of the International Committee of the Red Cross in the Gaza Strip, held to demand the release of the bodies of dead Palestinians held by Israeli authorities, the families of the dead accused Tel Aviv of stealing the organs of their sons and delaying the release of their bodies, … Read more

Arab women and social justice | independent arab

The role of woman is a measure of the progress of peoples and the rebirth of nations, because her role is closely linked to the regular leaps towards a better life: these are motherhood, childhood and the family, which is the mother, the sister and the mother. There was a general impression that Muslim women … Read more

The rococo era… when art is feminine par excellence

The history of Rococo dates back to the 1730s, and this art was born in Paris at a time when political life in France changed after the death of Louis XIV, the powerful king, who imposed his royal authority on the designs of the palaces , making them opaque, dramatic and ornate. The Rococo style … Read more

Russian defector reveals Tchaikovsky’s homosexuality at Cannes

The competition for the 75th Cannes Film Festival began to unfold, and it was launched with the highly anticipated Russian film “Tchaikovsky’s Wife” directed by Kirill Serebrennikov. The reasons for this expectation are many: first, Serebrennikov is a defector from the Putin regime, and everyone is waiting for what he will say in this film … Read more

The Syrian literary scene between the cruelty of exile and the misery of residence

Since the movement of free poetry, the Syrian poem has been very present on the Arab poetic scene. Without forgetting the writers of tales, novels and reviews. However, the war in Syria has darkened the current literary scene, which prompted the Cairo magazine “Mirit Cultural”, in its latest issue, to present it through a dossier … Read more

The departure of the English Griselda Al-Tayeb, the lover of Sudan and the maker of love

The English visual artist and wife of the late Professor Abdullah Al-Tayeb died on Friday May 20 in the town of Atbara, Nile State, at the age of 97, during which time she suffered many presented in Sudan, the country she loved because it was the birthplace of her late husband. At her home in … Read more

The last “perfect” photo… Documenting the heartbreaking moments of death

Accidents leading to fatalities while filming in dangerous locations have risen dramatically in recent years, the latest being the unfortunate incident that resulted in the death of former Moroccan footballer Mourad Lmrabet, in front of his family members. He was trying to perform a ‘death leap’ from a rock up to 35 meters high into … Read more

Ghaida Rinawi’s withdrawal from the coalition threatens the collapse of the Israeli government

At the height of the Israeli division over the decision of the Minister of Internal Security to maintain the path of the so-called “flag march” of the far-right and settlers in front of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Arab Meretz MK Gida Rinawi-Zoabi detonated a bombshell in the path of the Bennett-Lapid government. With her withdrawal … Read more

Turkey continues its “slow” rapprochement with Egypt

In a further step towards reconciliation, Turkey has announced that its finance minister, Noureddine Nabati, will visit Egypt on June 1, the first ministerial-level visit to Cairo in nine years, which observers consider to be a breakthrough in relationships. , who suffered a prolonged diplomatic estrangement. The Turkish minister will arrive in Egypt at the … Read more