“Benzo” is the latest work of art. The most striking statements of Yahya Al-Fakharani in “His Excellency”

The media, Esaad Younes, welcomed the great artist Yahya Al-Fakharani and his wife, Dr. Lamis Jaber, and the great artist revealed news about his personal life and works. The artist, Yahya Al-Fakharani, revealed the details of the last call that took place between him and the artist Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, noting that he felt his … Read more

Creative people at the end of their lives… writers who have written their best works after fifty years

Written by: Hassan Hafez Creative talent usually shows up early, but sometimes talent shows up later in life, like a meal cooked over a quiet fire. It clearly appears in Arabic and international literature of many creators who wrote their greatest works after advancing in age and passing through the ages. of forty years and … Read more

Ahmed Hassan Al-Zayat, “The Treasure of Enlightenment”.. 54 years since the death of Jahez in the 20th century

Hassan Hafiz Despite his immense success, wide influence and undisputed talent, oblivion covered the memory of the writer Ahmed Hassan al-Zayat, one of the most famous literary figures of the first half of the 20th century and the owner of unique literary style. until he describes his time, and the founder of “Al-Risala” magazine, one … Read more

Member of Higher Committee for Liver Transplantation: Egypt has performed 5,000 transplant operations and we need 1 million donors

– We don’t need more organ transplant centers and we need to train medical personnel. We need to talk about the community and convince people to donate their organs after they die. – The patient does not pay a penny for a liver transplant… but the problem lies in the presence of the donor. – … Read more

Aiten Amer: I felt the success of “Muktoub Alia” from the audience on the street

Slow but confident.. Steps that the artist Aiten Amer has taken in his artistic journey, the innocence of his face and his permanent childhood mixed with his talent. , or tease you to the point of hatred, you will be able to brilliantly embody complex roles, and during this year I participated in two series … Read more

Was he a genius? | Today’s Electronic News Portal

The calm of the neighbors, witnessed by all the inhabitants of the village, turned into shouting, clashes and enmities between the two parties. Love and affection have disappeared, hatred and revenge have taken their place. The strong exercised their brutality on the weak, and imposed their will, boasting of the abundance of their children and … Read more

“After thwarting 27 underage marriages”… Find out how to attract the parents’ intermediary

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has reported that there are approximately 12 million girls under the age of 18 marrying each year worldwide, and new figures indicate a 15% decrease over the of the last decade. Statistics indicate that over the past ten years, 25 million child marriages have been prevented worldwide, and after … Read more

Watch.. the story of the famous star who mistakenly married his son, and when he found out she was his mother, killed himself on the spot!

You are now following the story of the famous star who married his son by mistake, and when he found out she was his mother, he killed himself on the spot! And now with the details Riyadh – Ruwayda bin Abbas – 04/05/2022 It’s 9:40 a.m. | Follow favorite We have heard a lot about … Read more

Safaa Abu Al-Saud.. the joy of Eid through the ages

Maysa Ahmed “Hello, welcome to the party.. welcome, welcome to the party.. the party is a joy and the most beautiful of reunions from near and far.. we were happy about it, which makes it a beautiful memory for after the party.. sing with me, sing.. say and say, say.. Lord, increase our joys, bring … Read more

Naglaa Badr: My Husband Doesn’t Interfere With My Work…And I Seeked A Psychiatrist For This Reason

Written by: Cherif Abdel Fahim A star who has been able to prove that she is a high caliber artist and is able to embody the character of the popular girl very well, the artist Naglaa Badr Shine at the start Ramadan month In the role of Toha, the popular girl from the series “Pablo”, … Read more