Come, Syrian, reach out your hand and don’t be afraid

Eternity, long way to Ithaca Near the station (Hauptbanhof) an old fortune-teller shouted: “Come, Syrian, stretch out your hand and don’t be afraid.” His eyes extinguished the stars of wandering in the deserts, and a thousand burnt horses, and a thousand battles. She touched the lines of my palm, and her palate trembled vividly with … Read more

Wild Motherhood: The Lady of Horror Movies

By simulating the maternal role, in its various forms and dimensions, the cinema presented almost innumerable models and images of the personality of the mother. There is a compassionate and devoted mother. Overbearing and dominating mother. The absent or emotionally unavailable mother. supportive mother. The mother who practices emotional blackmail, and many others. Despite their … Read more

The search for “great love” .. between the obsession of celibacy and the dream of motherhood

“Do not write love poems!”… This was one of the advice of the German poet Rilke in “Letters to a young poet”[1]. Avoid writing in “Love”, because it is the most difficult writing, and because it takes great and mature energy to write something special in an area where we have had so many good … Read more