The matrix of life.. Bring out the best in you

Tell me – How do you make your life the pinnacle of love and submission to the will of God.. (The matrix of life) This is the pinnacle of servanthood to God in the last ten days. not to love more than his benefactor. It is not a requirement that you be a preacher or … Read more

Riyadh Diary | “What if he comes back apologizing” .. Ignite human and emotional feelings

The excuse is the language of the pure and the grown-up, and a guide to self-confidence and awareness “What if he comes back apologizing” .. Ignite human and emotional feelings The relationship of women to men in its various forms received the greatest share of comments The apology posts spread in a hashtag on social … Read more

Kuwaiti newspaper newspaper | Winds and Awtad: in response to what was attributed to the state, the ambassador of the clash of civilizations, and a government that was docile and silent, and it happened with integrity

* In response to what was attributed to Brother Mubarak Al-Duwailah: There is no doubt that brother Mubarak or whoever was quoted from him betrayed the expression because Sheikh Saad, may God have mercy on him, did not say in the commission of inquiry: “I am the cause of the ‘invasion”. Sheikh Saad always said … Read more

Al-Diyar: Government completes disbursement of remaining reserves to deal with major social explosion

Al-Diyar newspaper wrote: Internal developments in Lebanon are accelerating about a month before the legislative elections, which everyone is sure, will not make a big change in the balance of power, which will reproduce probably the same political scene, both at the level of parliament, its president and his work, or at the level of … Read more